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Companion song for Francesca

"Francesca of Lost Nation" Companion Song -
Stories They Could Tell

Some months before the book launch, it struck me to pair a companion song with “Francesca of Lost Nation.” Entitled, “Stories They Could Tell,” the piece was co-written by multi Grammy winner Carl Jackson and Nashville songwriter Cinda (aka Lucinda Sue Crosby – me!) and is based on a real experience from my life.



Cinda's body of work includes a movie song called "The Dead Letter Blues" -  ("Dear God" - a Garry Marshall Film) - 11 cuts recorded by various artists and most recently, the anchor music for a documentary called "The Gypsy Cowman - a Vanishing Breed."

If you take the great musical performers, songwriters, musicians, arrangers and producers who sit in the studio and choose one take over another or give direction to a performance - over the years, the ones who last have a signature. They tell the truth as they know it. You might disagree with their vision but you recognize their heart and soul in their work. That's why I have always said if you know my music, you know me.



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